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Hooked on a Feeling: Why Businesses Are Turning to Street Art for Signage and Decor

Not so long ago, commissioning a mural artist to dress up your space was pretty well expected for people of a certain standing. Murals in a home or business communicated the stories of a people and place, retold their history and served as conversation pieces.

Today, murals still capture the imaginations of all those who pass them by, but the effect is amplified thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices and social media. Last year, Paul Smith’s #pinkwall garnered hundreds of thousands of Likes, Shares and mentions for a Los Angeles business.

An exterior mural is the ultimate elevator pitch.

What’s in a name? Even when your business name conveys what you do, it doesn’t necessarily tell customers who you are. Share your personality and set expectations, even after-hours.

Plain, boring walls say nothing about you. Well… nothing good, anyway.

Imagery conveys in an instant the stories, memories and emotions we could never trigger in our customers with words alone. You can just as easily make your clients feel at home as you can intrigue, delight or inspire them to take action.

Turn your maybe-not-awesome location into prime real estate.

A custom exterior mural transforms back alley business entrance into a distinctive, welcoming storefront.

Maybe your location isn’t all that visually appealing. Perhaps the neighbours or landlord just aren’t making much of an effort lately. It could be that (like most business owners) funds were pretty slim when you started up and now your environment doesn’t match the level you want to be at. You still have the opportunity to separate yourself from rundown, dull or monotonous urban landscapes by creating an entirely new visual space.

Inspire others to beautify the entire community.

Everyone in the community appreciates the effort you’ve made and now has something beautiful to look at. Business murals can be the catalyst for positive change and inspire goodwill within your community.

Outdoor murals instantly convey your values.

How do you talk to the people passing by your store, as opposed to those who step in to say hello? Are potential customers even aware of what you offer, beyond the spelled-out business name on the same type of sign everyone else on your street has? Even if you don’t know what type of subject matter would be appropriate for your building, a professional artist experienced in commercial art takes the time to understand your needs, values and unique positioning in your market, and creates a mural around them.

Exterior artwork extends your reach far beyond your walls.

What does your location’s exterior tell people about what they’ll find, experience or do inside? An unwelcoming, bland exterior may be losing you business that you never even knew were considering you in the first place. The combination of an exterior mural and dimensional signage is an especially eye-catching effect that first grabs the attention of those on the street, then conveys the message you want to draw them into your space.

Graffiti actually cleans up your storefront.

The patterns, textures and colours in your exterior artwork do wonders to mask an old building’s imperfections. What’s more, hiring an experienced graffiti artist means careful attention is paid to choosing the right materials and prepping your space.

Bonus: graffiti artists don’t tag other graffiti. Tired of scraping paint off your walls? Hire a pro artist to dress your storefront up the way you like, and voila! You’re graffiti-proof.

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